Thursday, December 29, 2005

Cinnamon roll? ;)

Mom told me once that cinnamon rolls were aphrodisiacs. Men like to eat home-baked goodies, and cinnamon is supposed to be an aphrodisiac, so I figured why not?

With this newfound information at hand, when Danny and I got back to our first apartment after the honeymoon, I made it my main goal to master the cinnamon roll. My first pan was completed before Danny came home from work and I was so anxious to share that I gave half the pan to our neighbors before even trying one myself. Much to my horror, when Danny came home and we tried them, I realized they were barely even palatable. After recovering my kitchen ego, I made a second attempt a couple of days later. This time I didn’t get the icing right. It had too much margarine and just oozed right off the rolls and onto the counter under the cooling rack. A few days after that, I got up early before work to try again. Unfortunately, I didn’t end up waking early enough and had to call in late with the promise of freshly baked cinnamon rolls to appease my boss and coworkers. However, I don’t think that went over very well since someone told me they tasted like pizza crust.

Practice makes perfect and I continued to “perfect” the pastry at the rate of two pans of cinnamon rolls a week. I continued with this mad, misguided goal of perfection for a couple of months before Danny finally told me he didn’t really like cinnamon rolls all that much and didn’t care to see another cinnamon roll for a long, long time.

Nowadays I make a mean cinnamon roll. But I'm a little daunted now to whip them up so casually. I usually only make them twice a year-- Father's Day and again Christmas morning (cinnamon rolls for breakfast Christmas morning is a tradition from my family). @@@@@@@ Cinnamon rolls . . . mmm!

2/6/07 Correction: I don't know why I was thinking Father's Day. It's Valentine's Day and with pink frosting.


Leslie said...

Yummmmm! Just the thought of cinnamon rolls makes my mouth water. They are in my top 10 favorite treats of all time. That's funny about your marathon baking sessions in the early days.

Troy said...

If cinnamon rolls are aphrodesiacs and you only have them twice a year, does that mean . . . you have other cinnamon foods throughout the rest of the year?

DakRat said...

Oh, is that why everything has that faint cinnamon flavor lately?

Anonymous said...

funny! Ric REALLY likes cinnamon rolls.

Mary said...

*feeling a little slow* I just noticed that I can comment without having a blog here! Lol. My first attempt at cinnamon rolls did not go well either... The experience has kept me daunted to try again, but I shall persevere and accomplish that goal of successful cinnamon rolls. More for me than for Jeff. =)


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