Thursday, March 30, 2017

Chatty Chocolate Addict

This afternoon I picked up a few treats to add to this weekend's conference kits. #ldsconf
I got chocolate covered Craisins as well as Dove Milk Chocolate Coconut Créme eggs.
I was filling tiny ziploc bags with chocolate Craisins and this girl appeared in front of me out of nowhere. Poof!

She has a sensor for chocolate!
"Mommy, what are you doing?"
"Are you making me one?"
"Who are those for?"
"Are you using ALL the treats?"
Realizing there was no hiding the little scale and treat bags and the crinkly sounds, I answered her questions.
"I'm making sure each bag weighs the same. Yes, you'll get a bag -- on Saturday. Each kid gets one. They're for conference kits."
"Ohh!" her grin widened. "I remember conference. I love conference! I can't wait!" she squealed.
Then she watched me put the Dove eggs in little bags too.
"Those look like chocolate too. Are they chocolates?" she asked.
"How astute you are. They sure are chocolates. You'll get two of these on Saturday or Sunday in your conference kit."
"But there are 8 bags and chocolate not in bags. Who are the extras for?" she asked.
"They're for me of course. I'm going to gobble them up!" I said. And I meant it.
"Right now?" she asked.
"Yep," I answered and opened one.
"Ohh. I wish I knew what they tasted like," she hinted heavily.
"They taste like guts," I told her. "Guts and bad feelings," I added.
She didn't believe me for a millisecond.
"Mommy! This wrapper smells like it tastes good," she said.
So I shared the other one with her. And if you thought she was chatty BEFORE the chocolate, you should've heard her AFTER.
She talked for 5 minutes straight at top speed about it and how cool the wrapper was and how shiny and how she can make the wrapper look neat pressed against things like my allergy medication bottle lid and one wrapper being a puppy and one being a kitten and it could hold snacks and be a butterfly on and on and on.
I love my little chocolate addict.

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