Saturday, May 28, 2016

She considereth a field...

have been bitten by the gardening bug.  I love being able to grow my own food!  
Yesterday I sprayed these little clay pots with chalkboard paint and today after I made sure they were totally dry, I labeled them and set them out (even though they don't have the herbs in them yet).

I started about 3 dozen seedlings a week and a half ago.  Now that they're starting to sprout, I'm so excited to get all three Tower Gardens filled and running!  So I started more tonight.

I prepped some seeds for the Tower Gardens and some for the regular (soil) garden.
The weather has been perfect for seeds to sprout, so I decided to set the new ones out with the others.

It's been fun for us to check every morning for new sprouts.  Hoping this greatly increases those sightings and helps our produce budget!

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