Wednesday, December 16, 2015

In which I confess my love and the results of my weight gain.

Today I snuck out on a lunch date with my husband.  Most people know him as Dan.  But I call him Danny since that's how he introduced himself to me over 21 years ago.  My family and close friends also call him that.  And you'll see that I refer to him here on my blog as Danny.  

But I digress.  I told the kids I was going to run errands.  I did actually run an errand, ate lunch, and I brought home groceries.  So not totally untrue.

I'm in love with this man.  He shaved his head this week and it totally makes me a little cautious when I see him and have forgotten he shaved it and he doesn't look like himself at first.  Then I feel like I should kiss him after looking at him sideways to reassure him he's still a hunk in my eyes....even if a bald one.

Today on the way to lunch I played a voicemail from my doctor for him to hear.  I had already listened to it twice before picking him up.

I found out that my blood tests came back with a A1C at 5.8% -- meaning I'm pre-diabetic.  

Right after hearing it myself, even though I anticipated it, I felt so ashamed-- like I had failed myself.  What is wrong with me that I can't stick to a diet?

But guess what?  He still loves me.  He isn't disappointed in me.  He doesn't blame me.  He doesn't think "Shame on you for letting this happen!"  

And I'm not going to either.  I'm going to start listening to my body and what it needs and taking it one day at a time.  

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