Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Why I don't think my kids need more toys for Christmas.

Indulge me, if you will.  The following explanation is why I don't think my kids need toys for Christmas.

I believe my kids have the following love languages.

1.  Quality time.  I thought this kid liked to clean as a toddler/preschooler.  Nope.  He just liked doing what I was doing and right alongside me.

2.  Words of affirmation.  Her speech therapist from when she was almost 3 said, "Gabby responds well to praise."

And I thought, "Doesn't everyone?"

Speech therapist went on to share that she tried rewards and bribery, but just saying to her, "Gabby, well done or great job!" did the trick.

So I took that knowledge and potty trained her with TONS of praise.  10 days and done.  (Waaay better than 1 1/2 years like 4 of her siblings.)

3.  This child is both physical touch/acts of service.  He loves to serve and he notices and loves when others serve him.  He also loves hugs and cuddles, high fives, etc.

4.  Gifts.  He likes to get gifts-- homemade or store bought.  He likes to give gifts and will search through his treasures to find one to suit you to show you his love.  (Auntie Rachel, remember the squirreled away snacks and little pumpkin?)

5.  Physical touch/words of affirmation.  Harsh words really affect this guy more than any of the others.  He really takes things to heart.  And he's a giant cuddle always.

6.  Physical touch/acts of service.  We weren't totally sure with these two because we thought maybe they just hug more because they're twins.  But he also likes to do things for others to surprise them or help them feel better.

7.  Words of affirmation.  She responds well to praise and definitely ignores you if you criticize her.

8.  Not really sure yet.  Is redheaded crazy nugget a love language?  She does that one well.

Wouldn't it make more sense if Christmas looked like the following for them:

1.  Movie tickets, zoo passes, aquarium passes, museum pass-- anything to do WITH parents.  

2.  Saying "Hey!  You're so stinking awesome!"  Hahaha!  I kid.  I really don't know what words of affirmation specific gifts.

3.  Karate class.  Surprise service given to him. Taking him to do service for community like helping someone with yard work, feeding the hungry, picking up litter.  

4.  He appreciates gifts.  But not just toys.  Arts and craft supplies.  A book on how to make them.

5.  Contact sport?  And something with praise?  

6.  Contact sport gift certificate too?  Bring him along to serve the hungry, pick up litter, help in community.

7.  There's the words of affirmation again here.

8.  Anything pink or chocolate.  ;)

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Rosekidsmom said...

For those words of affirmation kiddos, how about a piece of art worth lots of reasons why you think they're so great. Like those word art things that compile the most used words and make them in pretty fonts. Sorry I'm spacing on what they're called... I would have loved that as an affirmation kid.
Sarah Rose


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