Saturday, November 21, 2015

Trying to come to grips with reality and making some tasty memories

I'm having a really hard time adjusting to my body getting rid of the anti-anxiety medicine.  

(My doctor is concerned what it is doing to my health.  And even though he mentioned other medications I could switch to, he and I both thought I could do okay without it.)

So yes, I'm having a tough time.  Like full on bawling in the parking lot of the commissary because I don't want to go in while I'm feeling angry/frustrated/tired/sad/guilty/annoyed.

So I went to Costco instead-- because apparently I can be nuts there.

And when I came home, all the dishes were washed, the kids' bathroom was sparkling, the kitten was so glad to see me, and happy children could be found everywhere (and a very busy hubby).

So I had a little talk with myself about my crazy-pants emotional spazz dispenser.

And then I let the littles help make dinner-- because they begged to be my helpers.

Hammy helped make soft Italian breadstick dough including doing most of the kneading.  Pretty sure his kneading muscles are gonna hurt tomorrow.

Hammy, Squdge, Peach, and Biscuit rolled the breadsticks with me. 

"I want to roll snakes!"  
"My snake is fat in the middle."
"Just roll it till that part disappears."

Squdge and Hammy helped cut the butter into the flour, sugar, and rolled oats  to be the topping on the apple-strawberry-rhubarb crisp.

Peach was so pleased her breadstick worked out, she had me take a pic.

They were so happy to help make dinner and dessert and so happy to show the foods to the other kids when it came time to eat.

And I was happy that in that whole time, I didn't burst out in uncontrollable bawling again or yell at them for being little kids.

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