Sunday, October 25, 2015

The puberties have hit our house in force.

 I'm gonna need some reinforcements ASAP.

Since the Grandma and the Papa are experts, I think I'll head back to their house and take care of the golden retriever and they can take over here.

Frequently asked questions and their inevitable answers:

Q:  Who drank all the milk?
A:  You only bought 3 boxes (6 gallons) this week.

Q:  Why are you crying?
A:  I don't know!

Q:  Why haven't you showered yet?  
A:  I already showered this week.

Q:  Did you put on deodorant today?
A:  Why do I have to put it on every day?

1 comment:

Miss Crissy said...

Because you always have to tell them!!


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