Saturday, January 10, 2015

Pookie's Minecraft party

Squdge (with a Steve head) hitting the ghast piñata.

Everyone enjoyed wearing the Steve head.  This is Bun in it.  We covered the eyeholes during the piñata and the pin the tail on the pig game.

Pookie, the teenager, blowing out his candles.
This game was called, "Upset the chest."  There was one less chair than people.  Each player was assigned to be:  gold, iron, or diamond.  The person in the middle called out a material.  If it was yours, you had to change seats and the person in the middle would try to get a seat.  Whoever didn't get a seat was the next to call out a material.  If they called out, "Upset the chest!" then everyone switched at the same time.  The twins were guaranteed to call that.  I think they enjoy chaos.  ;)

Pin the tail on the pig -- you play it like pin the tail on the donkey.  Instead of a blindfold, we used the Steve head. There was a whole lot of laughter during this game.
Crush the Creeper game-- 
We blew up green balloons and drew creeper faces on them.  We tied them around our ankles.  The object is to pop other people's balloons without getting yours popped.  Once your balloon is popped, you're out.  There was lots of squealing and panic during this game.

Mining for gold game--
Pack a cup with flour and invert it on a plate.  Put a coin or candy on top.  Everyone takes turns slicing off some of the flour.  

Whoever makes it fall has to get it out with their mouth and no hands to help.

Hammy was clearly upset for Pookie's friend here going for the candy.  
Pookie-- a good sport.
So young and so bearded.

We had lots of fun Minecraft-ish foods.
Golden apples, carrots, slime (lime jigglers), sand blocks (rice Krispy treats).  It was hilarious to see kids from 4-13 walk around with handfuls of the jigglers. They were probably the most popular food.
Dirt blocks (cocoa Krispies treats) and veggie dip next to it-- but are not to be eaten together ;)

Pookie said it was his best birthday ever.  

Mission accomplished.


Susan said...

This looks like it was so much fun!!

Laurie said...

So fun!!


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