Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Faster than fast food

For Christmas 2012, I got this pressure cooker from Danny.  It has revolutionized lazy day meals.  I don't have any idea the cost, but it is worth every penny to me.

Take tonight for instance.  Tonight I wasn't feeling so well.  I even skipped our evening Relief Society meeting.  Danny came home early (around 6 pm) in case I felt well enough to go to my meeting.  

I decided I needed chicken soup for dinner.  I made this recipe with a few variations.  I used precooked chicken this time, added lots of extra frozen veggies, and used all noodles instead of half rice. 
I had a 10 lb. bag of carrots in my fridge, plenty of celery, and a few limes.  Everything else could be found in my freezer or pantry.  

A well-stocked pantry is a major timesaver for me.  Prep time was probably 10 minutes to chop carrots and celery, pull frozen veggies, chopped onions and pre-cooked and diced chicken out of the freezer, grab half a dozen cans of chicken broth and a couple handfuls of egg noodles and toss in the pressure cooker.

It only took 8 minutes at pressure to cook.

I can't even get all my kids buckled in as quickly as that!

If you use a pressure cooker for your family, I'd LOVE for you to share your favorite recipes.  Pressure cooking works for me!


Sara said...

I've done Alton Brown's recipe for chicken and dropped dumplings, not as fast as this, but delicious! Pressure cooker risotto is also yummy. :)

Laurie Fifield said...

Yes, but Sara, you're starting with an uncooked chicken and making your own broth. Nikki, is it an electric pressure cooker? I LOVE mine! Sara and Lisa got them for Christmas from us. :)

Nikki said...

Sara- When I was growing up I always asked for chicken and dumplings for my birthday dinner. And you know what? I've never made it! I guess I always thought it was complicated. I think I'll add it to the menu for the coming week. Do you have the link for his recipe and also your risotto?

Laurie- I don't have the electric pressure cooker. Danny figured we wouldn't know where we will be moving next and if there will be compatible outlets. So I just use it on the stove.

Typically I follow this recipe pretty closely, but last night I didn't want to thaw chicken and partially cook it before making the recipe. So I grabbed the precooked and chopped chicken.


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