Saturday, January 04, 2014

Our first big trampoline

All 5 boys worked alongside Danny for a couple hours this morning putting together the trampoline from Santa.  

They only took a couple toast and granola bar breaks and quickly resumed their work.  

Peach joined in briefly. 

Their cheeks were rosy from the crisp cool air and their excitement level quite high.  

Gabbers helped me with unpacking the house and watching Biscuit. 

Pookie's old Occupational Therapist would be so pleased.  She wanted him to have more regular access to a trampoline and swings.  We are very lucky to have a playground right in front of our house with swings.  :)

I'm so grateful my 8 bouncy kids can bounce now to their hearts' content.

1 comment:

A. said...

This is the first thing I want to get when we move. When we visit friends with one, they will bounce almost non-stop, and then the rest of the day is nice and calm. :) So excited for your kids!


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