Friday, November 15, 2013

A whole lot of rambling about not decorating filling my head with ideas

I've been thinking a lot about our late Thanksgiving this year.  It's the latest it can possibly be in the month of November. 

This definitely gives us more time to prep for a big dinner.  

It gives me more time to celebrate fall and Thanksgiving decorations before switching into Christmas mode.  I have a few decorations that are more Thanksgiving/harvest type than Halloween.  And I always feel they get slighted when I put them away to get out Christmas stuff.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas decor and everything about Christmas.  One year I even set up Christmas before Halloween.  (I was early in my pregnancy with Hammy and very emotional.) 

It seems to me that more and more people are setting up Christmas earlier this year than any year before.  

Maybe not.  

Maybe I'm just noticing it because Danny made a point of saying there's no sense in us decorating for Christmas since we will just have to pack it up and move it anyway before Christmas happens.

And so, since I can't decorate for Christmas and really should take down the Thanksgiving/fall/harvest decor and pack it up, I'm going to dedicate the second half of November to doing an act of service or bringing an anonymous gift/surprise to someone each day.  That will be my way of enjoying the fullness of the season in my own non-decorating way.  

I probably won't blog it.  Maybe I'll just mention it's happened.  Or it was fun.  Or maybe it will surprise me how many opportunities I will have or how hard it is to think of something.  My hope is that I go into the next month and next year with a bigger heart for others and an easier time finding opportunities of service.

So my rambling found its way to a great new idea.  :)

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Lisa said...

Nikki, you are awesome. I just have to say that. I remember when we moved to Minot, we arrived December 21. We had left our Christmas decorations for the last thing to pack (we didn't set them up in Idaho, they were just the last things on the truck) so that they would be first to unpack. The bishop's wife made our beds when we arrived, and a huge contingency from the ward helped unload the truck despite the -20 blizzard weather. On the 22nd we slept in and then set up whatever decorations we could, especially the tree. On the 23rd we went to the mall and did all of our Christmas shopping--each kid getting an adult and just wandering from store to store until we were done. We also hit the grocery store, and were ready to make ham on Christmas Eve. We slept all day Christmas day... partly from just sheer exhaustion and party because most of us got the flu amidst the whole move. It was a very fast Christmas, so we left our tree up until early February. It was an adventure for sure. I'm sure you'll find some great ways to make it amazing for yourself and your kids. Serving others is a great way to do it!


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