Friday, November 01, 2013

1000th post and a month of gratitude

This marks my 1000th post since I started blogging, which was shortly after the birth of our 3 child, Bun, in 2005.

I am so grateful to have this blog.  It serves primarily as a way to update grandparents and other relatives on the goings on in our family as we travel the world on the Air Force's dime.  Most importantly, it serves as a big part of our family's journal. 

As we have grown from having three kids three and under to now having all eight, we have learned so much and also forgotten so much.  Having a blog reminds us of the happy times, and the sad times, the funny things the kids say, and a whole lotta crazy. 

Last year I joined in as many other bloggers wrote down one thing each day, through the month of November, that they were grateful for.  My gratitude and appreciation for things big and small grew as the month wore on. 

I wasn't sure if I was going to participate this year since we are moving in 41 days.  I know I will be busy.  I know I may not have a moment to sit at my computer.  But we live in amazing times that afford us the ability to blog and keep in contact basically from anywhere. 

So, maybe my posts will be short.  Maybe there will be a picture.  Maybe there won't be.  Maybe I'll be counting my blessing as I'm decluttering for the move.  Maybe I'll be posting from the dentist's office.  There will be something each day I am grateful for.  And today, it's this blog.  I'm grateful to have 1000 memories to look back on. 


Marcy said...

Wow, 1000. I love one of your first phrases: "we have learned so much and also forgotten so much." Ditto. Hope all goes well as you prepare to move. And, yes, great baby costume--what could be cuter?

Leslie said...

That's amazing! 1000! Makes me wonder how many I've done. I love the photo of the kids - it's so cute!!!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

What a GREAT picture.

I'm glad you've kept a blog, too. I've certainly enjoyed it through the years.

Rach said...

I LOVE this picture! you need to frame it! REALLY, you need to frame that...who knows when the next time you'll get them all the look lovely and facing the camera again.


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