Thursday, October 31, 2013

Our last Halloween from this base

Today we got official orders for our move.  So this is our last Halloween on the central coast. 

Here are some fun pics from this week:
Biscuit giraffe didn't answer the FB riddle right. ;)
Little Red Riding Peach caught the vision of trick or treating last night at the ward trunk or treat.  She watched in amazement as people put lollipops and M&Ms in her little basket.  

Is it just me, or does Tater remind anyone of that store in the mall?  Was it called "Hot Dog on a Stick?"

This little Hammy missileer (Squdge too-- but I didn't get a pic) told everyone he was a Daddy for Halloween.

For school crafts this past week we made ghostie pops one day.  Squdge especially enjoyed making them and made like 6 when the other kids made 2 or 3.

We also made pictures to go with our fictional stories we wrote during language arts.  This one is Gabbers.

This one was Pookie's.

Unfortunately the twins' and Hammy's pictures stuck to the table and didn't survive.  

Peach chose to use her torso instead of card stock to decorate.  But I won't be posting that on the web.  :P

Stay tuned for tomorrow.  My 1000th post.


Leslie said...

so cute! I want to see pics of the other kids too!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Tater does just look like that mall eatery!

I love the "daddy" for Halloween idea, too.

These are great to see. Really great.