Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Quiet time disobedience is a blessing to me

When I was pregnant, I looked forward to quiet time so I could nap.  Now I look forward to it to research curriculum, plan science projects and toddler activities, catch up on emails, and oftentimes to catch up on chores.

One-third of quiet time is for Happy School-  preschool activities and songs with the twins and Peach.

The rest of quiet time the twins and Peach must follow the rules the oldest four have for quiet time:  

Read quietly on your bed with your head on your pillow.

If they break the rules, they get to help me do extra chores, but they don't get to earn Mommy points from quiet time.  Today, this Tater was all too happy to do chores with me instead of doing quiet time.  :P

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