Monday, May 13, 2013

Guess who's 6?

This cutie pie.
He requested a Sponge Bob cake from the commissary bakery.  Since going to a whole foods plant-based diet, we don't have eggs or food coloring and other cake making supplies.  

Even though he's only seen one episode of Sponge Bob (while waiting for an appointment at the clinic), he chose it because it's yellow.  Hammy loves yellow!
He licked off all the frosting from the toys and hardly touched his piece of cake.  

I told Danny, "Cut them big pieces of cake so we can get this over with."  

After cake, the two oldest told me each separately, 

"For the next birthday, can you make the cake?  There was too much frosting on this one."

And Bun, who's birthday is next, told me, "Next time get a little cake.  This is too big for our family."

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Sara said...

You should tell us more about this whole foods plant based diet. I'd love to know your go-to meals! :)


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