Thursday, November 08, 2012

Thankful for my eight on the eighth

Today is November 8th.  The last time I posted about November 8th was 5 years ago.  Today, four kids later, and Danny home from his deployment, and 21 years from said incident, I am SO grateful to be where I am today.  I am so grateful for 8 wonderful kids. 

(I had my awesome friend Melissa do fall photos of the kids to surprise Danny.  She has this cute little backdrop set up in her home and my kids that weren't currently being photographed LOVED playing with her two little ones.  If you're local, I can hook you up with her.  ;)  Except I think she's now setting up a Christmas scene.  Anyways, this isn't the most perfectly posed picture, but it really made me smile.)

Pookie, #1, is smart, funny, and creative-- comes up with hilarious comics and short stories and jokes.

Gabbers, #2, is an amazing artist and my best behaved child, ready to serve and obedient.

Bun, #3, also ready to serve others, is compassionate to others and a morning person starting everyday with a big smile.

Hammy, #4, is a momma's boy, my shy one, but a smarty pants too-- charter school teacher wanted to advance him to the 2nd and 3rd grade class.

Tater, #5, is intense.  He is serious about his food and never loses a drop (except with oatmeal he's a little messy).  He hugs intensely, plays with toys intense, and is go-go-go! 

Squdge, #6, is a cutie, and I think he knows it.  He is adventurous and VERY loud and wants to do everything himself.

Peach, #7, is my sweet, imaginative, and color-on-the-walls-and-every-surface curly haired girl.  She is my only thumbsucker too-- didn't actually start until she was 18 months-- when she weaned.

Biscuit, #8, is a quiet, sweet, red-headed newborn.  She's happy if she's dry and has a full tummy.  But who isn't?  ;)


Julie V. said...

love the photo and little comments about each of the children

Tubbs Family said...

Melissa just did our photos, too! I had no idea she was even Mormon until I looked her up on FB right before out session. Anyway, she did a great job capturing your kids' personalities! I love you're write up on each one. You are truly a blessed Mom!


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