Saturday, November 10, 2012

I am grateful for mini-miracles.

I am grateful for mini-miracles.  All summer long we have anticipated having our transmission completely die and having to pay upwards of $3000 to have it replaced.  I found out when I had an inspection done and the car place said, "Sounds like your transmission is dying.  Don't take any long trips."

I inquired as to how bad it would be if I continued to drive it day-to-day basically until it gave up or until Danny came home from his deployment.  They said it shouldn't cause any problems to the rest of the van since transmissions are completely contained.  (or something like that)

Well, Danny took the van into the transmission place today and after assessment they said, "There's nothing wrong with your transmission."

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Sara said...

Hooray!! I love it when car problems go away. :) We have a system in our car that has speed sensors for each tire. 2 of them went out a couple years ago, and it was $1200 to repair. gag. Then last winter the light that initially told us about the problem came on again. I was so worried we'd have to shell out another $600 at least, but by the time we got to the shop, the light had turned back off. hooray! :)


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