Monday, July 23, 2012

Mommy Dates

The kids have been alternating having dates with me while I'm on bedrest.  Because of how many children there are, and my level of exhaustion and supposing to mostly be laying down, I usually date only half of them each day.  Or I double up a date. 

This date was with Bun, Gabbers, and Pookie playing Scrabble.  But there was a Peach invader who was really taken with the letter tiles.

Sometimes my date will pick Dinosaur Bingo or Yahtzee or choose to do "Big Kid School" involving coloring and counting  They all love to have Netflix dates.  In fact, the first day I decided to have dates with them I tried to squeeze them all in.  They all wanted to watch Netflix from my computer and eat popcorn. 

I learned a few things:

If I'm going to have certain shows in the Instant Cue, I need to pretend I'm interested and not fall asleep-- even if it's My Little Pony or Dinosaur Train.

Ask Grandma W. for a big stack of napkins or provide a washcloth or prefold diaper for greasy hands and faces. 

There is no need to have 6 half bags of popcorn in one day.  Next time I'll divide up the popcorn ahead of time so I don't have to amuse my date by eating my share.

Six half bags of popcorn totally resolves my bedrest + extra iron + pregnancy constipation problem.  TMI?

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