Thursday, July 26, 2012

Another miracle

I have seen so many miracles during this pregnancy.  Why am I surprised that Heavenly Father would provide another one?

After losing 400 cc's of blood, the baby is still in utero and strong and my iron level is still at 10.  After an hour of monitoring and no more bleeding with stable blood levels, I have been discharged to go home on strict bedrest-- up for only bathroom visits and shower. 

Biscuit is wiggling around as happy and carefree as can be.  It's as if she didn't know that today could've been her birthday.

Thank you for your prayers. 


Laura said...

Amen, Nikki! Praising God with you...

Cynthia said...

I'm sorry for the scare! I had several of those in my twin pregnancy. I am so glad all is well with your newest little one. Praying you'll have plenty of time for her to continue to grow strong!


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