Friday, May 18, 2012

Artist in training - Gabbers adventures

The following post is from an email I sent to my parents before I started this blog.  Gabbers was almost 18 months old, Peach's age.  She wasn't walking yet. 

These emails used to be called "Pookieville emails" and started when we moved out of my parents' basement when Danny went active duty in the Air Force.  They couldn't see Pookie's antics everyday and so they got email updates.

Pookieville emails continued pretty much until my older sister Leslie convinced me to start this blog, shortly after the birth of our third child, Bun. 


Today Gabbers dabbled in the art of toilet paper puddling.  Luckily the roll only had about thirty-five or forty squares left on it. But she spread it all over the bathroom.

Usually when she crawls into the bathroom she grabs the bucket of bath toys. But today she was especially quiet with the occasional giggle.

I was busy watering my plants and realized she was being too quiet for bathroom adventures.

So, I went in there, she saw me, and she couldn't decide which direction to take off crawling. She went left, then right, then squealed with a belly-up surrender.

Even though it was very cute, and her first offense, she had to serve time in her crib.


Randy Merrill said...

That is awesome. So far we have only had one toilet papering and that was just unrolling it in a pile.

I'm still trying to get over my 'fear' of letting my kids make a mess... I just don't like cleaning them up, even though they need to learn. :)

Nikki said...

Randy- It took me a looong time to let them make messes. I wish I had started when there was just the one or two oldest. It would've been easier to clean up after just the two.

Someone told me once, "Teach your first child the best and they will teach the rest." If your oldest child learns from experience that certain messes aren't worth it or don't get a savory response from Mommy & Daddy, he'll be sure to pass down that knowledge to the others. As well as everything else he learns when you don't realize he's paying attention. :P

Oh, and making them clean up their messes, *sigh*, I know what you mean. I often feel like saying Just leave it alone already! I'll do it. or something similar. Because I would be way faster and better at it than them. But how else are they to learn if I don't let them? Some things are worth letting them do. Especially when they're little like your little guy and eager to clean up still. :)


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