Monday, December 12, 2011

When a tired, no-good-with-a-camera-Momma takes a picture

I tried REALLY hard to get a nice picture of all seven kids in their new pajamas Grandma W. sent. 

I'd get the oldest four to stand still and look at the camera, and the twins and Peach would run off.
Then I'd get Peach to come back, but she'd come right up to me instead of in front of the Christmas tree where I wanted her.
I convinced Pookie to hold her-- but then I had to rein in the twins. 
Hammy and Squdge wanted to be sure I caught their smiles on camera.  Yup, thanks!  I caught the runny nose too.

"Mommy, show Grandma W. my monkeys!"

So Grandma W., this is the best I got.  Please excuse the Sharpie on the walls.  I have budding artists.
(and I don't know what's going on with the shadow in the corner of the camera)


Large Family Small World said...

LOL! You did a great job documenting how hard it is to take a picture of seven young kids! Too funny!

timothy allen said...

That's cute. And I think you did a great job of getting 7 kids together! (Oh, and I didn't notice any sharpie on the walls...even with an enlarged picture and searching. lol!)

Nikki said...

Tim, or is it Amy?-- The sharpie is in the last picture to the left of the curtains about the height of the bottom of the curtains. It's also on the adjacent wall.

Lisa said...

LOL :) Looks like every moment at our house, only 4 kids busier.

Julie V. said...

Thanks for sharing....they look awesome. Too much fun. Send the kids love and hugs from me! See you soon!!!!

Mcchubbster said...

You have really adorable children!


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