Saturday, December 03, 2011

When Peachie's age.

This little bug turned 1 on November 12. 

Her weight is in the 9th percentile but her height is only 4%. 

She's a tiny little chub with just a little bit of red hair and smiles readily for anyone. 

She loves to practice her acrobat skills while nursing.  She walked just before 11 months -- younger than any of her older 6 siblings.  She signs milk, please, and eat.  Peach tries to keep up with the twins by running after them. 

She got a soft bunny and little pink and brown polka-dotted blanket (woobie) for her birthday that are her FAVORITE.  If she has them to go to sleep with, she sleeps longer. 

Happy belated Birthday my sweet Peach!


Zoramite said...

She is definitely a cutie and does smile a ton!

Congratulations on making it another year! It gets easier as they get older, right? :)

Lisa said...

Acrobatic nursing. Sounds familiar. Happy birthday little Peach!


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