Friday, December 02, 2011

Don't forget the bubbles!

People ask me all the time how I do it. 

I half-jokingly reply "I've lowered my standards."

My house is never clean for more than 2 minutes.  There is rarely an empty kitchen sink.  There are always dirty clothes waiting to be washed. 

I'm constantly finding ways to be more efficient.  But when I'm in high-efficiency mode, I forget about things like bubbles.

  I forget how much two year olds love bubbles. 

 How magical
and mysterious they are.
And how every single one is new and exciting!

So, even though it's a pretty efficient thing to do to bathe two or more kids together watching a timer while scrubbing your bathroom at the same time and reciting your states and capitals, sometimes you have to stop and blow bubbles and then take pictures to remember:

"they're only little for such a short while. "

(I don't remember where I heard that quote.)


Diane said...

I love this post.

Lisa said...

Well, I love this post more. ;)


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