Monday, September 26, 2011

Homeschooling in real life with 7 kids under 9 1/2

Yesterday at church when I was sitting in the nursery with Squdge, Tater, and Peach, another mother asked me how I homeschool with little ones in the home. 

I had to answer her honestly, "That is the hardest part of homeschooling:  What do I do with the toddlers and baby while I teach the older kids?"

Well, this is just a small sample of what may happen when I leave one of the school-aged children in charge of twins while I teach the other two school-aged children.

What isn't included in the picture of the four pack of yogurt (those are 6 oz. each by the way) is the yogurt covered table and splotches on the floor from the fridge to the table, Cheerios strewn from one end of the living room to the other, the turned over play kitchen, the half-dozen paper airplanes, the ripped off fridge lock, and two totally yogurt coated two year old twins (say that three times fast).

The baby escaped unscathed.


Feywriter said...

O.o Maybe you could come up with related activities for the little ones, so they can take class too? Not sure if the planning on that would be more or less work than the cleaning house from their, umm, art project.

I would be a whimpering puddle if I had even two kids, let alone seven. I admire all you do. I gave you a blog award! Irresistably Sweet

Tubbs Family said...

Ug, this is my current struggle and I only have 4!! I often find things misplaced or walk into a tornado of a toy room! Haha! I just dream that in the future it will all be a fun distant memory :-)


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