Wednesday, March 30, 2011

How to make your own homemade cereal on the cheap!

Disclaimer:  This is not a serious post.  I am certain that Fiber One cereal would whole-heartedly disagree with the way Danny describes how cereal is made in this slideshow.  Any resemblance to any worms living or dead is coincidental.  No royalties are being collected from this presentation.  Please make any charitable donations and comments directly to There's a Hole in the Earth blog. 

In an effort to not get diabetes and to ward off obesity, I've taken up eating Fiber One cereal on the days I'm not eating oatmeal with nothing tasty added to it (aka oatmeal ala bland). 

Danny has found much amusement in this. 

He made a spoof about making your own Fiber cereal.  You can witness this in its original form at his blog There's a Hole in the Earth by taking this link directly to his post.  Or just watch it here.  I have his permission to post it.

Click on MENU in the lower left corner and then View Fullscreen.

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Sara said...

As one who works for a cereal company, this is hysterical! I'm glad Malt-O-Meal makes all the tasty cereals, and not fiber-yuck. ;) Pretty funny stuff. I just hope nobody actually believes it! :P


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