Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Bookworms of the World UNITE!

Today is National Read Across America day.  I am posting what books I'm currently reading. 

Slow and Steady Get Me Ready

 Slow and Steady Get Me Ready, has week to week activities to do with your children from birth to Kindergarten.  Yes, every single week!  It is AWESOME. 

As paraphrased and recommended from another book I've read,
"Combine this with plenty of physical activity and you have an excellent preschool."

So, even though I read one page a week per child under five, I've been looking ahead for any preparations.

Teaching Your Children Values

 I just started reading Teaching your Children Values. My sister, Rachel, highly recommends it.  The values I'm especially looking forward to learning how to teach are:  being a good sport and having integrity.  I'm sure all the others are important as well, but we need a boost with these two lately.

I Didn't Plan to Be a Witch and Other Surprises of a Joyful Mother

Ahh, this book, I didn't plan to be Witch, also by the same author as Teaching Your Children Values has me bursting out laughing at times.  It's an easy read that I can just pick up for a few minutes here or there.

The Sensory-Sensitive Child: Practical Solutions for Out-of-Bounds Behavior
The Sensory-Sensitive Child, I just started reading as well, was recommended by Pookie's Occupational Therapist.  We've been evaluating Pookie for some time now and it appears he has a Sensory Processing Disorder.  This book is helping me understand the way thinks and acts.  It's also teaching me how to understand Hammy.

The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home (Third Edition)
I love this book.  Whenever I'm discouraged or lost when it comes to homeschooling, I pick it up and am reinforced in my decision and backed up with recommendations and resources.

In addition to scriptures, that is my personal reading this week. 

What are you reading?  Do you prefer novels?  How-to books?  Non-fiction?  Biographies?  Any great books you want to tell me about?

Also, do you have something you've read that you can recommend to me about what I can do with twin toddlers when the Sensory-Sensitive 9 year old and Gremlin 3 year olds have made a choking hazard mess and the only way to confine the twins are in high chairs or car seats?  If so, PLEASE TELL ME.


Dakrat said...

It's so quiet in here.




Nikki said...


Nikki said...

Did you know a duck's call doesn't echo? I learned that from READING my cheese. I love smart cheese.

Dakrat said...

Cheese = Brain Food = More for the Zombies to Eat = More Zombies = Less Humans


Cheese Kills.

Nikki said...

No more Plants vs. Zombies for you sir.

Dakrat said...

Um, who's the recovering addict? ...

Nikki said...

I have the power to delete you know. But I won't. Why? Because it's National Read Across America Day and people might want to read these comments. Maybe. Whatever. I like to see comments on my posts. muhahaha!

Dakrat said...

And yes bloggityville, we are in fact sitting six feet from each other. I must go now, lest I get poked in the ribs.

Erin @ Curled Up With A Good Book said...

Uh, I'm commenting on the post. Am I in the right place? :) I met you at Pensievety. We sorrowed together over giveaways with only one entry.

I cackled over I Didn't Plan To Be A Witch. It was a great book. I was so relieved to find out that such a "model" family had a down-to-earth mom.

According to my book blog, all I ever read is Christian fiction/romance. It just happens that I started the book blog because I get free Christian fiction/romance novels and have to blog about them. I also like historical fiction, food books, some memoirs... My husband says I love "self help" books, which I neither confirm not deny: How To Be More Organized, etc. One of my favorite parenting books is Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka.

Nikki said...

Erin- I borrowed the book Raising Your Spirited Child from the library once. They had to borrow it from another library for me to borrow. But I really should just buy it. I only got a little ways into it-- because I have a hard time reading just one book at a time. Before I knew it, it was time to turn it in and I couldn't renew.

P.S. I knew who you were/are. I usually lurk. ;)

Nikki said...

P.P.S. I meant to say I enjoyed what I read from the "Spirited" book.

Erin @ Curled Up With A Good Book said...

I haven't read the "How to talk" book yet. I've just been perusing your archives and chuckling. I'm impressed that you're homeschooling. It's something that has interested me for a long time, but I don't do it.

Feywriter said...

Ooh, good topic. Missed this yesterday, or I would have blogged on it too. :)

I did enjoy your comment exchange, so thank you for not deleting. ;)

I'm reading The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson (he quickly became a favorite author) and Characters & Viewpoint by Orson Scott Card.

I try to read at least one nonfiction and fiction book at the same time. Balance. :)

Susan said...

Holy cow, Nikki! Do you read anything for FUN? Sheesh. You are making the rest of us, with the exception of Neighbor Jane, look bad. Stop it.


Nikki said...

Susan- I guess I'm not much of a fiction fan. But I'm not against people that are. I've tried to be. really. But it didn't work out. The I didn't plan to be a witch book is fun though. And funny. HILARIOUSLY funny.

I also like to read biographies.

I have to restrain myself though. It is not a healthy balance to yell at the kids to get their own cold cereal or whatnot just so I can read a book on being a better mother. I have to limit myself to a handful of books at a time.


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