Friday, February 18, 2011

Guess who's 18 months??

Hey Buddies, did you hear who's 18 months now?
Do you know what is SO EXCITING about being 18 months?
More baths in the kitchen sink?

(Tater on left, Squdge on right)

Do YOU get excited about your babies turning 18 months?


Laureena said...

Nursery, Nursery, Nursery!!! Oh, my! I never thought about it before... but you had three kids too young to be in nursery! YIKES!!! I think I would've asked someone to start taping each Sunday meeting for me!

Lisa said...

yay, I love when they can go in the nursery! I also think 18 months is a big step toward toddlerhood and out of babyhood.

Kayleen said...

ADORABLE! love bathin' babies in the sink! :)

p.s. thanks for your sweet comment on my blog. You can follow mine if I can follow yours! ;)

Nikki, you ROCK!

jase said...

Oh yes just like Laureena said...NURSERY! I love nursery. THAT means I might get to listen in Church. I find that 12 - 24 months are so much fun. Although You are most likely chasing them around the house. BUt its always so fun. The most curious stage...adventurous.

Nikki said...

Laureena- I haven't forgotten your question about homeschooling. I'm stil thinking about whether or not I have good advice to offer. We're kind of piecing it together without a "boxed curriculum" at the moment.

Knowing you though, Laureena, you would be such an awesome homeschooling mom!

Homeschooling is something we reassess regularly-- the pros and cons and smoothing out the wrinkles.

Lisa- Absolutely. I totally thought as I was getting them dressed this morning, It's like they're not really babies anymore. *sniff*

Kayleen- I love your blog. I feel uplifted and inspired when I visit your page. What a gift you have!

Jase or is it Rachel??- I VERY much enjoy the 12-24 month stage. They are adventurous and curious and so cute and cuddly. But church? I am UBER-excited for them to have fun and learn about Jesus in their age-appropriate class while I get to listen in with grown-ups. :)

tina said...

My last two didn't want to go to Nursery. Bleh! I love toddlers though, they are so fun. My youngest will be 21 months next week. He's a jibber-jabber crazy and I totally love him!

Tara and Buddy said...

You bet your sweet bippy we get excited around here when kids turn 18 months. The sounds of happiness can be heard round the world.

Morgan -Ing said...

18 months is SOOOO fun! They are getting bigger and they aren't
"babies" anymore. I love it!

Karen Peterson said...

Very cute!


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