Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Dear Journal, I like this boy...

haha.  Actually he's a middle-aged man who's going to be 35 this year!  Perhaps this stemmed with my brother-in-law being engaged, maybe because I have love on the mind since his exciting news, or maybe it's the upcoming holiday, but whatever the reason, I am in love with my Danny, my eternal companion today more than ever before. 

Now mush aside, I promised I would write in you more, Journal, but life ran away with my time. 

I'm congested.  still.  Being congested since July makes me wonder if this is the new me.  Will I EVER get my sense of smell back?  Is this some cruel way to get me to lose weight since I can't taste things very well?  Nah, it just makes me bummed and then I shovel in the junk.

Baby Girl is going to have her tongue-tie clipped.  again. 

I am driving the scout carpool this month.  This works out fine since there's now only one other boy I need to pick up.  Not that we couldn't squeeze a few more kids into our 12-passenger van.  This cub scout doesn't need a booster seat like my little scout.  One day, (I tell myself) my Pookie will reach the weight and height of a child that doesn't need a booster seat either.  At nine years old he weighs 43 lbs.  If only I could be a fat donor . . .

My neighbor, bless her heart, decided we're having a game night/pizza night on Friday.  I'm not exactly sure how that will work out.  Sure, we do game night with our kids with exciting turns in Star Wars Life, Princess Memory, and Chutes & Ladders (which is the devil's game and I LOATHE it).  But her kids are too young to even understand Memory or CandyLand.  They are 2 years old and 15 months old.  So, yeah, not sure how this is going to play out . . . Come on kids!  Let's see who can fall asleep first!

I quit the overly regimented public online homeschooling program we were doing with the oldest three.  And now I can b-r-e-a-t-h-e.  Well, not really, cuz I'm congested.  See above. 

I am glad to be doing my own homeschooling now.  And my kids are enjoying life more now that the crazy shrew left and Mommy's back. 

And just to brag, dear journal, my Hammy read his first book this week.  He only needed help with two words.  It was a phonics reader.  But I was quite pleased.  shh!  He reads better than Bun.  Don't tell Bun. 

The twins learned how to do push-ups today.  Funniest. thing. ever.  Maybe I can catch them on camera.  Which reminds me . . .

My desktop computer decided it wasn't going to be my friend anymore.  It squeals whenever I powered it up.  So, I'm typing on my laptop.  In the morning, I'm going to ask Danny to tell me how to upload/download whatever my pictures from the camera to the computer.  Then you can see us again. 

Now I've got to finish packing up the supplies to send back to the school program mentioned above. 

Happy Groundhog Day!


Marcy said...

I'm sure thinking I can relate to this post today. I have a husband that I adore too. And my 8-year-old is only 38 pounds. And if we have another child (which I would like) we would need a big van too. And I'm doing scouts today (I'm a den leader, though, not carpool). I hate Chutes and Ladders too. And, well, we don't do homeschool though I did do one year of it growing up. Anyway, I hope your day is going well!

Lisa said...

I just love reading your posts, Nikki.

I hope your congestion clears. I'm sure you've talked to a doctor about it, but maybe you should again... it can't be normal...

And shh, don't tell my Lee, but Annalisa is better at a lot of things than he is. Kids are like that sometimes.

Susan said...

You. Are. Amazing. It's crazy the amount of things you do! Who can keep up??

P.S. I hate Chutes and Ladders to and have banned it from my home. Even grandkids could not sway me from this edict.

Nikki said...

Marcy- Maybe your girl and my Pookie will marry one day and have miniature children of their own. hahaha

Lisa- I actually went to the doctor last week in regards to the continual congestion. It was the most bizarre doctor visit ever-- which resulted in me marching directly to the insurance company and requesting a change in my Primary Care Manager. Let's just say he probably cheated on all his exams in med school. If I actually wrote about this experience, and believe me, it was nigh unto horrific, it would scare everyone on the West Coast. But I made good and sure that his supervisor understood his lack of ability to doctor.

So I am actually waiting for my PCM change to go through so I can seek a second opinion.

Susan- Me?? You do WAY more.

Lisa Loo said...

Holy Congested Over Worked Underpaid Super Achiever Batman! :0)

I hate being congested--it just makes me feel sluggish.

I love your journal entries. Guantanamo Bay should us Chutes and Ladders.

Nikki said...

Lisa Loo- You crack me up! I'm still chuckling over your comment.

Julie V. said...

You are amazing - Kudos to little Hammy for reading!! Why is baby girl having another tongue-tie cut?? I was congested for about two months and it was driving me crazy - finally got better when I started using Saline solution Nasal spray. Go figure. We want to hear the doctor visit story....
I knew you didn't need the fancy, regimented home school program! I have more cool kids/learning web sites if you want them....Oh, and I love Danny too!

Nikki said...

Mom W. (Julie V.)- I am writing down Saline Solution nasal spray on the commissary list right now. It couldn't hurt!

I've decided not to "go public" on the doctor story. But I'll call you or email you about it.

I did get my new PCM approved yesterday after a lovely talk with the Lt. Colonel Chief of Medicine over the clinic. He was really quite helpful and enlightening.

And I'd LOVE more educational websites!

Nikki said...

P.S. Her original clipping of the tongue-tie didn't clip enough. It will be done next Tuesday at no-charge.

Laureena said...

How I love your blog!

While Pookie may not enjoy riding in a booster until he's 14, I assure you, it's better than the opposite problem. Our little man, same age as Hammy, if you remember, is tipping the scales at a little over 50 lbs! And, the law says they have to be in at least a booster 'til 9... I may have a problem finding a booster that will fit him at 9!

So, I'm interested in what you ARE doing for homeschool now! We're considering homeschooling, at least for Kindergarten, and then seeing where it goes from there. Kindergarten is all day, every day now, and I just don't think that it's necessary or even appropriate for children so young to spend 8+ hours a day away from home, where I have little to no control over what/how he's being taught or what he's exposed to. I dunno... I've still got time to figure it out. The point of my rambling here, is I'd love it if you would share your curriculum ideas, thoughts, experiences, resources, etc. On your blog, or just in a reply, whatever!


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