Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Believe it or not, I'm famous.

Well, my brother-in-law Jase is because he created Jaseboards.  And because I allowed him to marry my baby sister, he is now my beloved brother-in-law and may have even named his firstborn daughter after yours truly, and so, by relation, I am FAMOUS.  muhahahah 

And yes, I realize that's a crazy long sentence.  And yes, I also realize I write "and" at the beginning of sentences a lot.  And if Mrs. Ricks from my seventh grade English class knew I was doing such hideous things with the precious English language, including using the vague word "a lot" (as she'd call it) she'd roll over in her grave.  If she is was were  passed away, that is.

Back to the matter at hand.  My famous bro-in-law, Jase is giving away two Jaseboards.  I've never heard of Jaseboards before.  But my kids and I were mesmerized by this video.  Danny too.  Now they want one.  each.  Go to and leave a comment in two sentences or less telling him why YOU deserve to win. 

And could you share this with your friends?    I can just see it now,

Honey, you know that blog that I'm always snorting over and read religiously?  Well, turns out she's famous!!  Crazy huh?  And now her brother-in-law Jase is giving away two Jaseboards.  Do you think by association I'm famous too?  like Nikki?  Do you think that will increase my chances of winning?


Sara said...

This type of Board is REALLY popular at USU as a form of transportation on campus. Pretty cool!

jase said...

Nikki U R FAMOUS! and I am getting close to my own fame because I have slept at your house on the floor, couch, floor again and Couch a few more times.....
Thanks for the post and support!

jase said...

Oh yeah!...sorry for the pic of the girl on the front I could not change it! and believe me i tried! :)


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