Tuesday, July 06, 2010

I have a brand-new FAVORITE summer treat.

The ingredients?  Frozen blueberries and milk.  Did you get that?  Go ahead, jot it down.  I got the idea from this post from That Girl at Pensievity.  And I thought hmm, that could be good.  I have to give her MUCHO THANKS and a big shout out!  Stop by her blog and stay a little while.  You'll fall in love with her and her family. 
picture from here

So the perfect summertime treat?  Breakfast, snacktime, lunchtime, after-the-children-have-gone-to-bed-and-you're-watching-a-movie-time:  frozen blueberries and milk.  I'm hooked.  I had three mugs of frozen blueberries doused in milk yesterday.  No extra sugar.  Nothing else.  Just blueberries and milk.  I'd take a picture but that would keep me from eating it.  I'm too impatient.  I'm trying to grow a baby here!

I'd love it if you shared YOUR favorite go-to food with me.  It may be "same ole same ole" to you.  But it might be new to me. 

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Lori @ Couponomic Stimulus Package said...

Just wanted to let you know that for some reason your comment disappeared from my Menu Plan Monday post! I tried to submit from my e-mail with an error message and then when I went to moderate it from my blog it was GONE!!! Sorry, I didn't delete it or anything.

I hope you enjoy the baked potatoes this week! I feel in such a rut and not in the mood to cook. GRRRR!

Lori @ Couponomic Stimulus Package said...

BTW, I've heard of blueberries and milk, but I've never tried it! I may just have to after this!

Olivia said...

Sounds interesting! I've never heard of it, but maybe I ought to give it a try.
My fave right now is no where near that healthy--hot fudge cake. Oh, how wonderful.
If I have to choose healthy, I think I'd go with watermelon. I could eat it all day!

Julie said...

Popcorn and M&Ms while eating movies. If no M&Ms are handy, Hershey's chocolate bars are good, too. Pop a handful of popcorn in your mouth, add a piece of chocolate and revel in the salty-crunchy-sweet-chocolatey goodness.

Being a diabetic sucks. I only have this rarely and in extreme moderation, but it's still my fave.

Christy said...

I tried this with fresh blueberries and it was just so so. But frozen will make all the difference!

Crystal said...

How are you always first over on Works For Me Wendesday! You rock!

What a sweet summer treat!

I love blackberries and heavy cream!Yum-o!!

Nikki said...

Christy- Yep, I tried it with fresh too. But when it's with frozen, they turn kind of slushie and the milk turns to a purpley-slushie goodness. mmm.

Crystal- Because I am the uber-stalker. haha I figure if I'm going to post over there, I want to be in the top 10-- preferably the top 5. I know she posts between 8 p.m. and 8:27 p.m. my time. Tonight it was 8:22 p.m.

Now blackberries and heavy cream sound divine!!

That Girl said...

Whoo-hoo! And yes, it has to be FROZEN. So glad you loved them!

Julie V. said...

Sounds very healthy..I'd probably prefer to blend them together into a healthy smoothie-type shake

Crystal said...

Nikki- I stalk her too! It is 10:00-10:30 my time.

I was number 6 once and got tons of traffic. These last two weeks I have been in the 20's... and I hit refresh, refresh, refresh until it is live and still 20 other beat me.

Darn it!

Last month her WFMW brought me over 400 visitors to my blog! Seriously!

.kai. said...

that snack sounds absolutely delicious! i will def. have to try it.

Laureena said...

Nikki, my favorite go-to treat when I was expecting our little man was chocolate milk and pickles! Yup, you read it right! I read about it in a book when I was dealing with the worst of morning sickness (it was the only thing the character in my book could keep down in the mornings), and it sounded so good. So, I tried it, and I've been hooked ever since! Yep, I still eat it... ALL THE TIME! I know it sounds gross, but if I can convince people to try it, they usually agree that it's not. Now, not everyone LOVES it the way I do, but no one has ever said it was disgusting. Go on, give it a try... you know you're curious!


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