Tuesday, March 02, 2010

If you clicked "No" on my poll, read this.

I am a wee-bit embarrassed to admit this, but here goes.  I only just recently, like within the last month, discovered how to read blogs in a reader.  I have gmail for my blogger sign-in and so I use the Google Reader.  I was already following a couple dozen blogs that I would check at least once a day-- some of them more than once.

Using Google Reader has saved me probably more than an hour every day by not having to check the actual blog.  It lets me know when someone has updated.  I can choose to read their post right then, or if it sounds interesting or like something I want to comment on, but can't right then, I check the star.  When I log in later I can choose the starred items to read as well as any new updates. 

I can click right through and go to the blog to comment.  Or I can read it, take note of the nifty advice, and go on to the next.  Or laugh at someone's misfortune (ahem, FluffyChicky.) 

You can even view someone's stats on how many subscribers they have.  Be careful though not to be consumed with jealousy.
You know how when you read someone's blog at the top it says, "Get [blog name] delivered to your inbox?"  They're serious.  You really can get updates delivered right to your inbox.  How much cleaner would my home be if I had discovered this four years ago?  Or was it even invented then?  Doesn't matter.  I have it now.  And I'm loving it.  This definitely works for me

Thanks to Google Reader, and I'm sure there are others just as great, I have the ability to keep up-to-date on the current 72 blogs I'm following.  Though, I do forget to check Rachel, Marcy, and Amy's blogs sometimes because they're private and don't appear in my reader.  Any thoughts about those?  Remember, I'm s-l-o-w sometimes.  Only recently have I learned that scrunchies are not cool.

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Melissa said...

I use BlogLines because it was what was available way back when and I have too many blogs in there to think about switching to someone else!!

gurrbonzo said...

Bahaha! It's a discovery that can change your life. I'm sorry you went so long without it!

Have you been listening to music on cassette tapes, too?

Just kidding.

Nikki said...

Gurrbonzo- Please email me your address. I have a couple of duckies ready and waiting for your sweet little girls. FrozenWonderland(at)Yahoo(dot)com

SoCal FruGal said...

I recently discovered it, too. But was not able to fully commit in my mind for some reason. So now I will use it and it's all your fault, LOL. Thanks for convincing me!

Lori @ Couponomic Stimulus Package said...

I LOVE Google Reader too! A friend of mine kept telling me how great it is, but I just kept Uh-huhing. Finally last year I took the leap. FABULOUS!!! I'm able to follow more blogs that way because I don't have to individually keep clicking on them!!! Thanks for linking up BTW!

FluffyChicky said...

I like clicking on blogs. And I still have cassette tapes. And records. And maybe an 8-track or two.

And if I didn't have shorter hair, I would still use a scrunchie.


And I am glad you can laugh at my embarassing situations.

Rebecca said...

I love Google Reader.. it is the only way I can keep up on everyone I read!


Leslie said...

Google Reader and are I bff's.

And yes, I do have a scrunchie or two lying around. But I never wear them in public. Unless you count Walmart as public. But only on crazy, busy, cleaning days.

Julie said...

What!?!? Scrunchies aren't cool?

I don't read blogs in a reader. I don't have any idea what you're talking about. There. You're cooler than me. It's official.

A. said...

Whoa! Thank you for cluing me in on scrunchies!

Just remember Amy starts with A...A is the first letter of the alphabet... therefore A-Amy should always be there first and foremost blog you read. :P

I actually had a friend tell me about readers just last night and how mine doesn't come up. Readers really must be the "in" thing right now. hmmm

Bobbi said...

What's funny is your poll might actually be skewed since most people who read blogs in a reader wouldn't even see the poll since they aren't going to your actually blog site. I didn't see it until I read this post in reader and then had to click over to your blog to see what the poll is about!!!

Sue said...

Google Reader, huh? I need to look into this because my list of blogs I'm following is getting pretty long these days.




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