Thursday, March 18, 2010

How you get your husband to mop

To recreate this image yourself, all you need are the following four elements:

one kitchen floor
a big swallow of Cranberry grape juice
one smarty pants Danny
a Nikki nose

As I type this up, I still feel the burn in my sinuses and the sticky in my nose.  :P


Cynthia said...

And let me guess- NO ONE spilled it? It just appeared there by magic?

We just got a steam mop. Now THAT'S the way to go!

Lisa said...

ha ha!

I have a carpeted kitchen. *shudder*

Leslie said...

bleh - out the nose incidents are just icky! I know because I had a milk out the nose incident on the very evening I met Troy. Fortunately my nose recovered and Troy still fell in love with me, lol.

Julie V. said...

was he chuckling the whole time he mopped the floor?


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