Monday, January 25, 2010

This post took an unexpected turn. Rant turned Memory-ville

I don't usually like my photo taken when I'm sick.  That's not entirely true.  I don't usually like my photo taken at all.  And my house is no different.  Thank you Google images for this photo (seeing as my house was uncooperative). 

I'm convinced our house is making us sick.  This house we're living in on base was built in the 1950's.  It has single-paned windows that every morning drip because of condensation and cause MOLD underneath them, mold that I scrub at and wipe away on a very regular basis.  It's so dusty, that the morning of the big party, I swept multiple times and vacuumed multiple times in the living room before finally just mopping.  Even with the backdoor closed and shoes off, it was accruing dust at any alarming rate.

We sneeze.  We itch.  We have bags under our eyes.

But I don't want to move unless they (the infamous they) move us.  I'm not even sure if they have a new house available.  The new four-bedroom houses on base are 2100 sq. ft with a two-car garage.  This house is 1400 square feet with a mouse living in our single-car garage.  I know because he leaves his turds on my freezer (my freezer that I wipe down at least weekly and de-turd on a more regular basis).  *sneeze*  But if they do have a four bedroom house available, did move us and did not require us to clean for an inspection, I would jump at it.  Except I'd miss my backyard. 

(I can't believe I was only 29 weeks 5 days in this picture.  I was HUGE.)

Our backyard saved us during the twins' pregnancy.  I sat on my couch, opened the backdoor, and let the kids run in and out all summer long.  They climbed the tree, kicked balls over the fence, squealed when the neighbor's dogs would bark, buried dead lizards, dug deeper into mole hills, and layed lazily in the tall grass of the corner that they call their "garden."  Our backyard saved ME six days post-partum.  Come back tomorrow to read the final chapter of the The Twin Birth Story


Susan said...

Goodness! What a conundrum! I would still go for the bigger house. Seriously, I hate mice. SO much. I hope you can solve your woes soon and everyone can get back to health!!

I'm Erin said...

Move! I say space is better than yard. well, that's what I would say if I didn't have a yard. But, really, more house space will give you more room to breathe.

A. said...

Who knows...maybe you have a REAL mold problem. MOVE! Maybe people from church can help move you IF there is a bigger house available, and IF "They" won't move you.

Hopefully the newer hosue would have a decent back yard too. I know what you mean about letting the kids go out and just run free.

By the way, you are no bigger in that picture than I would expect you to be with TWO babies inside you. I'm sure I'll look that big in 4 more weeks and I only have one. lol

Just SO said...

I hate dust. We have a dust problem in this house as well...and mold by the windows. *sigh* If you get the chance move! Hopefully the next place with have a good yard as well.

jenny said...

We paid to move ourselves off base and it was well worth it. We have never regretted our decision (although moving to a new house was not an option for us). There is definitely mold problems and such in those base houses, but we get some mildew/mold issues here as well. I think it's the area partly and perhaps less than ideal construction. I don't know if I personally would have moved into a new house on base - the move out standards will most likely be ridiculous and my boys are slightly destructive at times (oh and they have a habit of spilling/pouring all sorts of stuff on white carpet, which the new base houses have). Come move next to me instead. :-)


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