Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Happy Birthday Christian Dear!

Happy Birthday to my SUPER-DE-DUPER-MULTI-TALENTED-NEPHEW Christian!  I remember the day you were born.  I remember your sweet fuzzy little shoulders.  I remember when you peed all over me when I was changing you at about two days old (when your poor momma had a spinal headache) and I screamed because it was so unexpected and your momma cried because I screamed at her baby (and maybe because of the headache too).  I remember watching Potty Time with Bear with you like five times in a row when you were two.  I remember when you came to the hospital to see my first born son and took a picture of him with your toy camera.

I have lots of great memories of you.  And I thought of you yesterday when I took my son to his very first day of cub scouts. 

Happy Birthday to the most awesome 11 year old EVER!

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Leslie said...

You are such a good aunt to remember Christian's birthday! I feel bad that I rarely remember any of my nieces or nephews birthdays.

I forgot about the pee and crying moment - so funny! it was probably the headache and that my chest was killing me that I was crying.


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