Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Sleep? Pshaw. Highly overrated.

Yesterday I received an email from my older sister Leslie with the subject line saying, "It's okay to nap now and then" and this pic attached. I laughed so hard I was sure the nurses were going to come check on me.

Last night I discovered I cannot sleep on my side anymore. I tried all variations with my adjustable hospital bed and pillows and sheets. My stomach is way too big and heavy. If I'm laying on my left side my right side hurts from the weight pulling against it. My left arm feels pinned down under the weight of me. And should I decide that I need to pee, there's no convincing the rest of my body that I can get out of bed by myself. If I were at home I'd say, "Danny! I need to pee! Push me out of bed PLEASE!" But here in the hospital I don't have a spare Danny for such middle of the night emergencies. So, I have to sleep in a sitting position --being careful not to have too much of a reclining position so the babies aren't pressing against a main artery in my back.

Part of me wants the babies out so I can recover and sleep like a normal person. When I think about that though I feel so guilty knowing they would surely end up in the NICU and if they didn't end up in the NICU did I really think I would be getting sleep like a normal person with newborn twins at home?! *sigh*

So I've been compiling in my head all the good advice that will surely come in handy when I write a book about how to have a successful twin pregnancy. You know, along with that How to Potty train your child and not lose your mind book I'm also concocting. There's something about knowing that I could possibly help someone else in their struggle that helps me through mine. Or maybe just some good notes for myself in case I find my self down this road again.

Anyhow, yesterday I won the battle with shaving my legs. Please make sure you interpret "won" correctly. I came out of the teeny-tiny hospital shower (which happens to have a burned out lightbulb) with no knicks on my legs. Sure I still look half Amazon woman, but I did not give up. I suppose that counts for a good workout too. The nurse looked at me like I was nuts when I told her of the battle and she said, "Oh, hairy legs? We've seen much much worse." She's such a funny lady. She also happens to be the nurse that was with me when I delivered Gabbers here nearly six years ago. Her name is Kathy. Kathy tells me I'm a good incubator. She says that every time she sees me I look bigger and that's good because that means the babies are growing.


Lora Lynn @ Vitafamiliae said...

Girl, I literally climbed onto the dog bed WITH the dog once because he looked more comfortable than me. I know how you feel!

Do you have enough body pillows? I needed two, one for each side. I hugged one and leaned back on the other so I could avoid pressing on that artery but could feel like I was at least somewhat flat.

Hang in there! YOu really are a GREAT incubator!

Piglet de' Erin said...

Wow that is crazy. I think the picture is very funny.

tina said...

Wow - hang in there! It will get better soon! I don't think that "sleep like a normal person" is anywhere in the not too distant future for you. I used to think I wanted twins, that's before I had a single birth. Now, I am certain I couldn't handle it. Moms with multiples are truly amazing! I think once they are past the newborn stage, I could handle twins - maybe adopting them at about a year old! :) Maybe I am thinking that only because with a 2 month old I can't sleep normal, couldn't imagine double the trouble right now! How fun they will be as they grow though.

jase said...

I like to shave my legs before I give birth too.....not like anyone is looking at your legs. BUt you feel PRETTY!! I totally understand. And what a nice nurse...I always dread the nurses that MIGHT be there....I always seem to start with good ones & deliver with mean ladies. Its good to have a nurse...and I totally love the picture. Well I wish we could come visit & keep you company. some day soon & yeah for BABIES!


Mike and Jen said...

I can't believe I didn't know you were in teh hospital! I have been completely slacking on my blogging lately. I hope you keep on making it I am certain those babies are going to turn out just fine. Good luck and can't wait to see pictures!

Susan said...

You're doing great! Go Nikki go!

P.S. How is the rest of your family? How are the surviving with out mom being around?

Smockity Frocks said...

Still checking on you, Nikki. Only a little while longer. YOU CAN DO IT!

Go Nikki! Go Nikki! Go Nikki!


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