Monday, August 11, 2008

Thumb transplant

Update: Danny took Bun to the doctor for his thumb. While sitting in the waiting room it burst oozing pus and blood down his hand. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic in case the infection spread to his knuckle- which is kinda hard to tell when you're three and your thumb is fairly short anyhow. They went downtown to get the prescription because it wasn't available on base. Bun is pretty happy that he has a Dora band-aid and has forgotten about the pain.

Original post:
Bun came up to me yesterday and said,

"Mommy, my tumb (thumb) hurts. It will fall off. Maybe Gabbers can give me hers tumb."

I nonchalantly replied,

"Oh Bun, you can't get someone else's thumb. Did you bump it? Here, I'll kiss it better."

Then I kissed his thumb, sent him on his way, and dismissed the subject.

Today I was washing his hands for him after breakfast at the kitchen sink and he kept saying "Ow!" and pulling his hands away from me. I thought, maybe he wants to wash more slowly or something. So I washed my hands and indicated to him to wash like me. And then I noticed his right thumb was swollen and green around the thumbnail. Yikes!

Any ideas what would cause a Bun thumb to become swollen and green?


Amy said...

hmm.... Sounds like a smashed thumb nail that will soon turn into a darker bruise and fall off. :( BUT without actually seeing it, I have no idea. Is it possibley broken? Did he tell you what happened when it first happened?

Mrs. Morty said...

My guess is broken, bruised or infected.

SuperCoolMom said...

How green? Could be an ingrown nail. Maybe a hangnail got infected. Or it got smashed.

Leslie said...

i'm guessing an ingrown nail too. I had one on my big toe once and it started getting a greenish color to it too and was really painful. Yikes - poor guy!

OHANA said...

Rykel gets sore tumbs all the time. For her it is usually because she bit her nail too short. Or she has an ingrown nail coming. That hurts!! That's all I can think of. Maybe he's been eating too much Jello. That always turns our tumbs green. Goodluck. and Thanks for the nintendo!!! We LOVE IT!!

Haddorkus said...

I've always heard the transition into a leprechaun is painful but that seems extreme. Maybe the medication will stop the transformation.

Poor little Bun.

Nay said...

Trouble had the same thing. I think it is because he bites his nails off too short, Travis thinks it is because the cuticle grew over something. Travis played Dr. and got the puss out, then trouble was fine. I've never see anything like it, but its good to know that its not all that uncommon in little ones. Hope we feels better soon@


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