Monday, August 04, 2008

A third post in one day?

Here are a few Bun birthday cake pictures from when my sister's family came to visit. Bun was talking about his cousins today. "Mommy, why you make my friends go home?" haha. I didn't say, "Because I'm a meanie that's why." I said, "Auntie Leslie had to take them back to their house. Remember they are cousins too- not just friends. And they have their own house to live in." See, point the blame to Auntie.
Bun blowing spit bubbles. Gabbers caught on camera. Christian not knowing a picture was being taken. That or he's taken with the cake.
Bun's commissary birthday cake. Sadly I ran out of time to order. This is what they had. I had them add "Bun" to it so I could blog it. The kids thought it was the best with those silly little balloons on it.

Starting at top and going clockwise: cousin Christian, Pookie, cousin Emily, cousin Anna, rice cooker and empty paper towel holder, Gabbers, Bun.


Amy said...

haha! I love the pointing blame routine. We use that here to get over a hump too. Oh, and I still have to remind Kami that Erin's kids were cousin's and not just friends when she talks about them. lol

What do you mean "order" a cake? :O I'm shocked and stunned that you didn't bake one from scratch. Did all your free time go to the linen closet? (Which by the way I'm insanely jealous of. Think you could fly to California and do mine next? :D )

Nikki said...

hahaha free time! I have actually felt so guilty about this cake that I've considered several times making him one. I'm sure it would look better than this. I knew that it was going to be a busy week and had actually planned on buying a Nemo theme cake from Wal-Mart. But I forgot to order it in time. It just has to be 24 hours in advance, but I didn't call. So we had this sad little excuse for a cake. Bun loved it though.

Amy said...'s not a sad cake. And at these ages they will love pretty much anything with frosting on it. haha!

Ticklemedana said...

I love that you took the time to Label the Rice cooker and napkin did Danny like the Beau and Beki Videos?? LOL

Tynel said...

It's so good to get caught up on your life and I love your blog. You seem to be the blogging pro! I'm so new at blogging and I've been so busy reading all the Twilight books, that I've been neglecting my blog.
Looks like Bun had a fun b-day and I love the heading which includes the rice cooker and empty paper towel roll!! I'm glad you are all well.


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