Friday, August 01, 2008

Kiddie Kwip- mermaid

Gabbers with tears in her eyes found me upstairs decluttering my closet, "Momma, Ariel turned back to a mermaid and didn't marry Prince Eric!"

Trying not to laugh and trying also to be understanding, I said, "I know Gabbers. I know the show. It gets better. Go see what happens."

note in response to Amy's comment: Yes, sometimes a show helps to give me time to organize and declutter when Danny is not able to watch the kids. We borrowed this show from my friend yesterday for this very purpose. Pookie's in the bath, Bun in the playroom playing quietly with Little People, Ham is in the playpen burrowing through his blankets looking for a nap, and Gabbers is now content with the happy ending of the movie. She's only seen it once before and that was at Papa's house last year when we visited. I guess she forgot how it ends.

When I organized the linen closet, I sent each child to their room except Ham. Ham was in the high chair in the hall by the linen closet so I could feed him dry cereal and keep him contained. The kids each had a "shower toy" in their separate rooms to play with. Those are the toys that have been designated for when I need a shower and Danny is not home and I need the kids occupied.

If you want to see pics of the linen closet, leave a comment.


Mrs. Morty said...

I want to see! I could use some inspiration for my linen closet, the linens are over running it. They tend to reach out and grab those passing by and consume them.You can lose some really good friends to a hungry linen closet, or maybe they are still in there somewhere amidst the heaps.

Amy said...

That would be me! I want to se a picture of the linen closet. :)

That's too cute about Gabbers. I remember the first time Kami saw Ariel at Disneyland. She was confused about why she had a fin again since the movie ended with her having legs. Try explaining that one! lol

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh, gee, you do know how to bait us. I want to see it, too!

Shower toys is a great idea. Have you shared that before? I don't remember it.

Susan said...

I want to see!! Please post.

And I love the idea of shower toys. How very resourceful and I love that you can keep them away from the kids when you aren't using them. Awesome.

The Schooley's said...

Poor Gabbers, I am glad she ended up liking the movie. She is so cute. Does she like the Strawberry Shortcake dvd??

Jane @ What About Mom? said...

Hey! No getting defensive about letting the kids watch movies while you clean! What about letting them watch PBS while you blog? Or, heck, Hannah Montana (which was surprisingly not bad -- we got a 3-episode dvd for Christmas from Grampa) while you read a book of your own?

Sometimes, TV = Sanity, Mom's.

Wondering -- do you do your crunches as the comments come it, or do you add them up?

Nikki said...

I usually add up the crunches and do them before dinner. Sometimes, due to excessive waistline, I have to split them in two. lol

I get an email for every comment left, so I know when I have older comments too. I count those as well. :)


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