Monday, August 11, 2008

Bun's donation recommendation

Bun was running around this evening, long after bedtime and ran SMACK! into something. He weakly came up to me sitting on the couch (as he was) holding out his thumb.

"Ohh... ohhh... owww.. mommy," he said trembling.

"Bun, are you okay? Did you hurt your thumb?" I said and reached for his hands to hold him close. I noticed that he had broken out into a cold sweat quite possibly from the shock of smacking his infected thumb into something.

"Mommy, my tumb (thumb)... it hurts. I tink (think) we need to get rid of Baby's highchair. It hurted my tumb. We need to donate it."

1 comment:

JoMamma said...

That's to funny. When ever Kai gets hurt on something I always tell him that I'll throw what ever object hurt him away. Bun and I are on the same page.


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