Friday, May 23, 2008

These are not the droids you are looking for.

I have learned recently (mostly through lurking hahaha) that my blog is read in more places than I thought. And read by people I even know *gasp* in REAL LIFE.

So, it's time for another friendly reminder to those that may have joined the Pookieville readers within the last six month or so:

Our children's names have been changed amongst bloggityville to protect them. If you are among the privileged that know their real names, you can insert their name into the post you're reading at the time.

Pookie-- 6 1/2 year old boy
Gabbers-- 4 1/2 year old chatterbox girl
Bun-- almost 3 year old boy (also referred to as Chubbalicious or Bun-Bun the great)
Ham-- 1 year old boy (also referred to as Hammie)

and haven't figured out an alias for the unborn child yet.

Our last name is not ever referred to. If you would like to link to us on your blog, please use something anonymous like:

Nikki & Danny
Life in Pookieville
my nerdy friend Nikki from high school's blog

Occasionally, like maybe once a year, you will see a photo of me or Danny. maybe. It will not have our name on the photo. If you choose to post pictures of us, because you for whatever reason may have some, please don't include our last name or our children's real names in the picture name.

If you forget and accidentally spill the beans in a comment, it will get deleted. But I don't want that to happen. Because I LOVE my comments. I read everyone. twelve times a day.

That is all.


Lady Lyn said...

It is so strange to me that some people link to our blog--that has absolutely no real names on it--and they use our real names to link to it.

SuperCoolMom said...

I've had the same problem, and had to ask them to respect the anonymity.

Love the title!

Mrs. Morty said...

I right there with you, I even edit personal info our of our pictures that I post.(names on certificates for example)I should make the same request since several of my friends have our names on their blogs.

gurrbonzo said...

Don't be embarrassed about your last name! Pooperson is something to be proud of!

kidding, kidding...good job putting safety first.

JoMamma said...

No wonder... I've been googleing Pookieville to find out where you are. It all makes since now. There is no Pookieville. :)

lvs2dance said...

Hi Nicki,
Wow, you gave me so much to think about. I guess that I need to be better about protecting me and my family. So sad that we even have to worry about this knd of thing. But now I am on a mission to keep us safe. So I am revamping my own blog. Thanks for giving me some food for thought. BTW I love reading your should write a book! LOL

Tara Curtis said...

Thanks for the awesome reminder about keeping each other safe in the great wide world of the web. And it's totally perfect, because I can't remember your last name, and I don't even know your kids names. And I really enjoy reading your blog. You can also put a security thing on your blog where only those invited to it can access it. Just a thought.


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