Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A birthday tribute to my mom

Long time no see, eh? Sorry. I found this terribly fun little game online. My house has absolutely become a nuclear war zone of mess. My blog readers are depressed not reading about the daily undertakings of Pookieville residents. But I'm back. Thanks to the gentle nudging of my dad. I love you Dad. Which by the way, it's my mom's birthday today!

1. Mom, ever since watching you from a very young age (like 3 that I remember) I have wanted to be a mom.
2. You taught me to tie my shoes. I still remember that day and the great accomplished feeling I had.
3. You went to work so I could have piano lessons.
4. You made me do chores so I could learn how to keep my own home.
5. You taught me how to be frugal and now I can be a stay-at-home-mom because of it.
6. You taught me it's okay to cry when falling off my bike and getting scraped up.
7. Thank you for teaching me how to make cinnamon rolls.
8. I remember learning how to correctly, efficiently, and thoroughly clean a toilet when I was about 6 or 7 and telling you, "I like this. I want to be a maid some day."
9. I remember you teaching me about a baby's soft spot and being careful and how to hold a newborn baby and support her head.
10. I remember sneaking baby Rachel out to play and putting her in my doll stroller so I could pretend to be her mommy. :P
11. It was me who broke the clear glass bowl. I was making Jello on the stove and thought it would be cool to watch it boil in a clear bowl. It exploded. (phew! I've been holding that in a long time.)
12. Thank you for enrolling me in Girl Scouts. I learned a lot about first aid and self-sufficiency and helping others.
13. Thank you for taking me to church every Sunday.
14. Thank you for letting me watch you visit teach.
15. Thank you for being a good visiting teaching partner. :)
16. I remember standing next to the piano singing primary songs with you playing and just knowing that one day, when I was a mommy, I would do the same for my kids. And I do.
17. I remember being soooooooo embarrassed in church when you would laugh really loud at something during a talk. and now I do too. But hey, I was a teenager then.

It's almost tomorrow. So, I'm going to stop and finish later. I wanted to get this posted for your birthdya. I love you Mom.

And you, dear readers, will have to wait until tomorrow to read the rest to figure out how old she turned. heh heh!


MaryRuth said...

such a sweet post! Happy Birthday to your mom!!! I've always liked her.... besides she has GREAT daughters!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Nikki, #11 is so funny. Happy Birthday to your mom. What a good way to tell her--through a thankful post.

SuperCoolMom said...

Wait! You mean she's not turning 17?

Mom's are the best! Happy Birthday Nikki's Mom!

Jo said...

Thank you--those are all so nice!
I don't remember a glass bowl.

jvjw said...

welcome back! Your Mom is awesome. You are so nice to give her a special tribute. (I love that she doesn't remember the glass bowl!)


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