Monday, March 17, 2008

Pookieville Boot Camp

(Ham in his car)
What? You've been buying disposables?!

In case you thought Life in Pookieville was a happy smooth-flowing routine of music lessons, homeschool, and cooking in bulk, here's a sneak peek into the schedule for the coming week.

This week at Pookieville Boot Camp, the cadets are working on the following life skills:
  • Learning the clean wipe -- front to back, no residue in britches
  • zip, snap, button clothing
  • turning clothing inside out and right side out
  • how to remove a wet swimsuit
  • pouring cold cereal and milk
  • making peanut butter sandwiches
And for the top 33% of the class, we will also be focusing on:
  • no raspberries in primary class
  • making a bed with hospital corners
  • balling up socks
It's time to crackdown if these cadets are going to make it in the real world.


OHANA said...

i love it, those are the most important things in life...these kids may never survive with out learning the clean wipe!!

SuperCoolMom said...

I'm wishing I'd done a little more drilling on those hospital corners 10 years ago!

Cynthia said...

Aye,aye Captian! You run a tight ship °Ü° I think I need to do a refresher course on the wiping, front-back, my little one just doesn't get it.

MaryRuth said...

LOL!! Your posts are ALWAYS entertaining!!

Please teach me hospital corners!

Piglet 26 said...

ummm...You are Crazy! Ok, but seriously, can I enroll teddy?

Piglet 26 said...

p.s. can I just say that Ham = mini danny

jenny said...

I agree with piglet - Ham does look just like Dan in that picture!!


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