Thursday, December 20, 2007

I'm beading and I can't stop!!

These are G.'s rainbow crayon beaded socks. She loved them so much she requested I take a picture. You can barely see the crayon buttons on the side in this picture. But there's a yellow crayon on one sock and an orange crayon on the other.

I totally forgot that the first pair of beaded socks I made was actually a couple years ago when I was the secretary in the Young Women's organization in our ward (church). Sara taught us how to bead the socks and we made them in values colors for Faith-- white-although I don't remember if we used white or clear, Divine Nature- blue, Individual Worth- red, Knowledge- green, Choice & Accountability- orange, Good Works- yellow, and Integrity-- purple. I gave them to Danny's sister Sue because she was almost 12 (the age to enter the Young Women program) and her feet were more likely to fit the socks than mine. :) Anyways, I forgot how to do them and my friend Candace taught me how. Now I'm addicted. G. will definitely benefit from this addiction having already acquired a pink pair with clear beads, and the rest are white socks: rainbow/crayon pair, Christmas pair, and the original princess pair, orange and black Halloween pair. Pookie bought her a pair of white socks with red and clear beads from the Mommy Store for Christmas. I'm giving her a pair of white socks with pink and clear beads for Christmas. But I also have about 8 pairs in a larger size already made for the future.

I rationalize the time spent beading them by alternating with crocheting leper bandages. I'll crochet leper bandages for one hour for every pair of socks I bead. So, the people with leprousy are benefitting too. :)

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OHANA said...

We love the beaded socks too!! Soon I will post the sock dance!!


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