Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

This is the Manti, Utah, LDS temple. This is where Danny and I were married.

I have bunches of New Year's Resolutions this year. Last year I didn't hardly make any, and I regret to say, I had a less-than-fruitful year. I have really been pondering lately my role as a mother and how very important it is. Many of these goals will show my children how I am following Heavenly Father's plan as well as bring me closer to Him. My children will see how happy we are choosing the right and how fulfilling life can be. So, I'm going blog my list so I can look back and see if I accomplished these goals (some are family goals).

1. Attend the temple 4 times with Danny. I think last year we attended once. Hopefully it will be more than 4, but that is the goal right now.

2. Read from illustrated scripture stories to the kids. I'm done with threatening them to sit down and listen to what Heavenly Father wants them to know. It does not invite a spirit of reverence that way in our home. So far (in the last few days) the illustrated scripture stories have really held their attention and prompted questions and discussions.

3. No t.v., videos, DVD's, XBOX, Nintendo, or viewing shows on the computer or internet (unless they are clips of your cute family on your blog).

5. Exercise three times a week-- six times would be nice, but let's be realistic.

6. Limit eating out to only once a month.

7. Homeschool throughout the summer.

8. Go to Hawaii!

9. Go outside with the kids everyday that the weather is above 20 degrees-- provided no one is sick.

10. Brush, floss, use fluoride, and wear bite-plate.

11. Read hundreds of books to the children. Read dozens of books for my own improvement.

12. Read entire Ensign within the first week of each month.

13. Crochet one leper bandage a month.

14. Enroll children in swimming lessons.

15. Teach kids to ride bikes.

16. Teach Pookie piano lessons once a week.

17. Remember that I teach the most through my example. I think I may put up a few signs to remind me of this.

18. Lose weight before pregnancy #5.

19. Do that which the Lord asks me to do.

20. Share the gospel.
Thoughtful G Moments
About a week ago, while watching the sleep-inducing video, Bedtime stories and Songs with Big Bird, G commented during a song called, Everybody Sleeps,

“That’s silly that sometimes people sleep on the ground. Are they camping?”

I said, “Sometimes.”

G: And then they use tents.
Me: Well, sometimes people don’t have houses.
G: And that’s why they use tents!
Me: Well, sometimes they use tents. Some people don’t have tents though.
G: But then they make them out of blankets!
Me: Sometimes. But some people don’t have blankets.
G: Then other people could share with them.
Me: I suppose.
G: We have blankets. So we could share. Huh Momma?


SuperCoolMom said...

Great list! I really like the thought that you teach most by example. Maybe mirrors all over 0r notes on all the mirrors would be a great reminder. I also count reading stories from the Friend Magazine as scripture reading!

You are a great Mom, and I'm so glad to "Know" you. You inspire me to be better!

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Great goals, Nikki. Good luck! I'm certain you'll succeed.

Laura said...

Awesome resolutions... I've been meaning to post mine... maybe I should make that a resolution?

Happy New Year!

Haddorkus said...

Good goals. Good Luck. I read the no TV article, it was great. I've noticed that just this past week with me, with Dan gone I've been too busy for it. And I've gotten more done by not stopping to watch so much. I've still watched the news when I can.

I am not so much a new year resolution person. I am a goal person though. If I see something that I need to improve I just start working on it. The few years that I have done New Year's Resolutions, I have never kept up. I do have deployment goals that I will be posting soon, it just happens to be the same time as New Years.

Amy said...

Nikki - I'm confident you'll acheive them all. You are a go getter and commited to your family. All that coupled with your commitment to the Lord is a sure thing. Blessings on your new year journey!

OHANA said...

I am just going to say Me too for the resolutions!! And the last little story with G totally made me tear up, she is such a cutie.

jvjw said...

You have a great list of really good goals! when I make New Year's goals, I've found it really helpful to make a poster with pictures to illustrate my goals and hang it in my bedroom as a constant reminder of what I am trying to accomplish. Example: picture of temple with a number to remind me of goal, Ensign, person exercising, etc. Be creative and make it an attractive collage. The picture reminder really works. Last year I didn't make one. You inspire me. Maybe I'll set some resolutions and make a poster!

~yolanda said...

I have a neighbor that is Mormon that crochets the leper bandages. Is that something you do through your church?

gurrbonzo said...

GREAT GOALS. I love the illustrated scripture stories with all my reminded me that we taught a fam, and the 11 year old boy started complaining about something. His 7 year old brother said "Come on Kyle! Look at these people!" (pointing to the illustrated kid's book of mormon we gave them of some nephites lying on the ground) "They didn't even have BLANKETS!"

Also, your goals are great. You are an all-star and a fantastic mom.


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