Monday, November 26, 2007

Let sleeping babies lie.

G in curlers 10/20/2007

I need feedback folks.

I have not yet been successful in convincing a certain 4-year old daughter of mine that it is NOT okay to wake the baby. She adores him so much, and we all know how sweet and innocent sleeping children are, that she just can't help herself. She simply must go and wake him up to get a few giggles and goos out of him.
I have tried timeouts, grounding, taking away toys, white chip incentive, red chip threats, explaining that babies need more sleep and take lots of naps, threatening her that if she wakes him she will have to nurse him, and even the laying on of hands.
So I need feedback folks.


jenny said...

i tried giving ben incentives to not wake mikey, such as we can play a special game, but only when mikey is sleeping. if you wake him, we won't be able to play. however, it didn't work very well and may be harder to implement since you have more children vying for your attention:-)

Amy said...

I second the special things to be done during baby nap time. That's when we play board games, small piece crafts, etc...

That and I explain that if the baby wakes then that is less time I get to spend with her because I'll have to tend to the baby. And I really want to spend time with her.

Good luck!

By the way, I'm impressed that she kept all those curlers in. :) Party sounds and looks great!

Susan said...

Does he sleep in a separate room? Is there anyway you can bar the door so she can't get in? I know how frustrating this is. I remember making one of my older children hold a screaming baby for about ten minutes once. I was trying desperately to get something, a shower maybe, done. But after that, no one bugged the screamer again. It worked wonders!


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