Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Good news and a lesson on frostbite.

First the good news:

Yesterday Danny took the van in to the repair shop downtown. It's leaking green and red--which, by the way, looks very festive in the white snow. We feared the worst. I desperately tried to force out negative thoughts of $1000+ repairs. I visualized our van working well. I thought about good news from the repair guy. And this morning we got a message, "Hey Dan, your van is ready for pick-up." Danny and I were puzzled thinking we didn't give him permission to fix it, just assess it. So Danny called and the guy said it was just a couple of loose hoses and the total was $30. So, The Secret works.
The Lesson:

Today Pookie and Bun had major meltdowns about Danny leaving for work. They both begged and begged to go. Danny explained to them that the reason he was dressed in his workout gear was because of his mandatory workout Tuesdays and Thursdays. They figured he was just going somewhere without him. And he explained he had to return the DVD to the shoppette because it was due today. Still, this was unsatisfactory for both boys. Pookie begged to just go to the shoppette with him and then come home. They put on their boots really fast and tried to leave with him.

After much tears and bribery I got them to close the door and come look at pictures on the computer of frostbite. Foolish, foolish me. I thought this would at least help Pookie understand why he needed to stay inside and why a "quick trip" to the shoppette would be unwise. Now he's so worried that Danny is going to lose his fingers and toes on his way to work. It is possible. But not likely. Negative 25 degrees doesn't cause severe frostbite in the short 12 minutes it takes to get to work. It takes about 30 minutes.

This wasn't the image I showed them.


Haddorkus said...

I didn't even wear a sweatshirt today. I thought about it, but didn't do it.


Mrs. Morty said...

That is freakin' crazy. When you say "Frozen North" you weren't kidding. Yesterday my kids played outside with no coats on. I can't imagine it being THAT cold outside!!!

lizbit said...

I can imagine your kids hanging on to their Daddy, terrified that he'll get frostbite. That'll make mornings extra interesting. I feel lots better about the weather here now.


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