Sunday, September 30, 2007

So sad.

I am so sad. I completely forgot that yesterday was the LDS General Relief Society meeting. I suppose I will have to check online to view it/read it.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

I'm sad for you, Nikki! It was really good, but I can't wait to read it either. There were some wonderful one-liners and quotes in it that I couldn't remember a few minutes after they were said.

HotMama said...

I always try to take notes, but bitty baby was not cooperating. I'm missing Sheri Dew though. I love every word that woman has ever written. Although, Pres. Monson was awesome as always and that new 2nd counselor is a great speaker too!

MaryRuth said...

Ya, I forgot too.. Boo! I mean the BYU game was good but RS would have topped it. I need to go read it.

Haddorkus said...

I forgot too. I am in nursury now, you know what that means, no announcements. I freaked out on Sunday when I realized I had missed it.

Julie V. said...

The meeting was wonderful.
I love listening to Sister Beck. Her message was for us to be strong andd immovable in our faith, our family and our service.
Sister Allred spoke on the two purposes of Relief Society - to relieve the poor and to feed our souls.
Sister Thompson (a social worker)spoke on family roubles. She said Satan is working overtime to attack the family & faith...he is delighted when we give in even a little.
President Monson wa sawesome as usual. He told of a man who asked a female book store clerk where he could find a book titled "Man, the Master of Women". The clever clerk suggested he look in the fiction department!
He taught that we need to 1. study diligently, 2. pray earnestly, and 3. serve willingly.
The complete texts should be available to read on might even be able to watch a video of the broadcast.


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