Thursday, September 13, 2007

A new life for Pookieville

So, I was wondering if y'all would like to see regular bloggy updates? I was thinking of making a schedule like Neighbor Jane Payne to provide you some daily reading from Pookieville.

Here are some ideas for regular categories of what to post.

Monday Musings-- Whatever randomness pops into my head or sad stories lamenting on our severe weather (a subject that seems to pop up regularly).

Tackle it Tuesday-- Procrastination things I'm working on one project at a time to keep me sufficiently humbled and so you all don't think I'm perfect.

Works for Me Wednesday-- Things that work for me that might work for you too.

Pictures of my kids and pictures of things my kids have destroyed created. Because even though you may not be a proud grandma or grandpa of the Pookieville residents, I know you want to see them.

Frugal tips, recipes, OAMC

Kiddie Kwips. I'll probably post the Kiddie Kwips in a post before they get added to the sidebar so you know there's a new one.

What would you like to see? Come on. You can comment. My stomach's not flat yet.


Haddorkus said...

I think that you should totally post according to our desires. Take a poll about what you should post about, when, and even what pictures, let us choose from at least three, I say. I would like to see more posts about Gabby, she is totally under-represented here, way too much about Dan, yawn, you can cut him out from the blog completely. If you want to go to a schedule, then go to one. On a side note, Dan was looking at a job in Devil's Lake, is Jen Rogers still in the ward?

Haddorkus said...

Just to be evil and 5 more.

Lisa said...

I'm with haddorkus, I thought of commenting on each post just to be mean...I mean for your figure. I found you through someone and I love your blog. I like the Tuesday and Wednesday ideas. My favorite Monday theme is Memory Lane Monday. It's always fun to hear about your childhood.

Nikki said...


I like that idea for Memory Lane Monday. Thanks!

Crazymamaof6 said...

ok i do. top top Tuesday, and make a list, my friend started the memory lane Monday, and i do wonder of Wednesday, and it is random, then fun Friday, also Thursday 13 since i am really good at lists. sometimes though i don't have top ten just because i wanna post something a little less "structured" ok but i need to know, has it snowed there already? do you have a fire going at all times? gosh i couldn't imagine bein' cold all the time! i about die when it gets down to 50. i am hotmamas sister in case you wondered.

Nikki said...


No snow yet. Just dead birds. And it's 30 degrees right now. I just perused your blog and totally love it. So, I'll be stalking you regularly. Welcome to Pookieville.


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