Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kiddie Kwip

G (3 yrs. 11 months) said, "Momma, babies don't like to be incognito. Cuz then they could stop breathing."

Don't forget to look at this post and give me your creative birthday party advice. I'm going to draw a name at random from the contributing comments and award a prize. I'm still thinking about the prize. But there will be a prize nonetheless. So, please help me out. Another idea I have for the goodie bags are glow sticks. Not the easily breakable, leak toxic liquid kind. But the bendy kind you can attach to each other. I figure they could be magic wands, necklaces, bracelets, whatever.

I can hardly believe she's going to be four (the one in purple). This pic was taken last Thanksgiving at my parents' house in Happy Valley. Look at that Po-doggy reindeer. She's so patient.


Cynthia said...

Whenever we did a princess party, while reading a princess book, my husband would come to the front door and ring the bell in his most formal suit and voice. He would then hand out princess attire-tiarra's or crowns, wands they can decorate and he would do it in a regal voice and instruct them to do the same. We also would wrap spare change in tin foil and throw it on the grass for them to find. Hidden treasure was always the best thing and the shiny aluminum foil made it easy to be found and not mowed over. Good Luck!

lizbit said...

May I just say (in case I haven't before) that I love your kiddie kwips? I can hear your kids' voices in my head and it's always an easy way to cheer up. :) also, glow sticks are a great idea. Who doesn't like glow sticks?


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