Sunday, September 30, 2007

I love the month of October.

1. The harvest moon is beautiful.

2. I enjoy the leaves changing color.

3. Something about a nip in the air and rosy cheeks makes me think of romance.

4. It's not too late to shop for Christmas and still be creative.

5. People start into the holiday festive-mood of giving more and helping others.

6. October smells like cinnamon, apples, pumpkin, and homemade bread.

7. It's cold out, but not so cold you involuntarily convulse for 15 minutes on your way anywhere. (And thus you have permission to put a hat on your balding baby and not get weird looks. And you can nurse with a blanket over the baby and not sweat to death. And you can wear your pajamas to the store because no one will know with your coat over them. That also goes along with unstyled hair under your winter hat.)

8. It's okay to have soup everyday for lunch and even sometimes for dinner. (It's easy to be prepared for soup everyday because soups are so easy to make in mass-quantities and freeze.)

9. G was born in October. I also found out I was expecting Ham last October.

10. It sounds neat. Awk-toe-burr.


SpacemanSpiff said...

Very deep thawts. I especially love #10! (I have 2 October babies too, and I love the smells, and the chill in the morning-but no coats yet)

HotMama said...

Oops - logged in under my other alias - SpacemanSpiff. LOL!

Haddorkus said...

October rules. I started dating Dan in October ten years ago. Every October Dan and I get a little romantic. We like to have a least one date to the Olive Garden for old times sake. Bug came around in October. And Halloween the best ever is here.

piglet26 said...

I love october too because when I am dressed in all black to hide my appearance while I stalk my unknowing neighbors, I don't sweat to death and have to call it an early evening.


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